Overcoming The Odds

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The realities of our time reveal a yawning difference between the older and younger generations. Research has shown that it is often very challenging to attempt to repair the fractured relationships between parents and their teenagers. This book aims to show that there are ways in which this could be overcome. Using prose, it gives stimulating accounts of this possibility and encourages readers of both generations to take a honest look at themselves and reflect, and suggests that they can create new and ingenious ways of improving their family relationships.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Overcoming The Odds

  1. S Ajayi

    It is a must read for parents who desire to have a better relationship with their teenagers

  2. Lionel

    I found the stories very relatable and heartwarming. I felt like my voice was being heard as a teenager

  3. Sarah

    I felt empowered as a parent. Finally I am able able to ask my children the right questions and we understand each other better

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